Basic First Aid KIT

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That cut / burn / splinter / missing finger isn’t going to just go away (well maybe the finger). It probably needs medical attention. And unless you’re camping / tailgating at the hospital, you’ll likely want to take care of it. This is the kit for those times. 

Partner brands included in this KIT: MyMedic

  • The Hiker Medic™ MedPack™ is your all-in-one First Aid solution that has everything you need to handle the most common hiking injuries no matter how small or large. 

  • The Burn MedPack™ has everything you need to remedy the most common burn injuries.

  • The CPR™ MedPack™ has everything you need to perform CPR on a victim. Includes instructions on how to perform CPR on adults, children, infants, and pets.

  • The Allergies MedPack™ is for any allergy-related symptoms. Keep this MedPack with you if you're prone to allergic reactions and you'll be ready for whatever you might encounter. Whether you ingested something you shouldn't have, there's a nasty pollen in the air, or you touched something and got a skin reaction, rest assured you have what you need.

  • The Cold and Flu MedPack™ is for cold and flu symptoms, whether you have the full-blown flu or just need some relief from a seasonal cough.

  • The Headache MedPack™ is your solution to tackle those pesky headaches, whether you have a chronic headache problem or you just got knocked upside the head by you mother (although it doesn't have anything for the emotional pain that brings).

  • The Upset Stomach MedPack™ is for when your stomach gives you that "get to the bathroom NOW" signal. Whether you're battling IBS or you just ate something questionable, rest assured you have the tools to help. As much as we love a good pants-pooping story, it's best (for you) to prevent those moments. 

This KIT Includes:

  • TPU Coated Bag - Red
  • Hiker Medic Pack
  • Burn Med Pack
  • CPR Med Pack
  • Upset Stomach Med Pack


    • Allergies Med Pack
    • Cold & Flu Med Pack
    • Headache Med Pack
    • Stay Alive Survival Guide

      This kit is a popular choice to add to the following activity focused coolers: camping coolers, beach coolers, fishing coolers and coolers for hunting. We are not sure how much this would help if you are searching for bear proof coolers.


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