Advanced Hydration KIT

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Dehydration is no joke. I mean we could make a joke here, but we’ll save you from drowning in our sophomoric humor just this one time. Ha. For real though, the Advanced Hydration KIT is the difference between having stories told about your misadventures into the desert and living to tell the tale yourself. Partner brands included in this KIT: HydraPak, Katadyn, Steripen, Endurolytes

 This KIT Includes:

  • The DRY SACK
  • HydraPak Seeker (4 liter)
  • HydraPak Stash 750mL (x2)


    • SteriPen Adventurer Water Purifier
    • Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets (x10)
    • Endurolytes - Fizz Grape


      It is important to stay hydrated all the time. That is why this is a popular kit for all of our activity coolers. People add this kit to make the ultimate cooler for any situation: camping coolers, beach coolers, fishing coolers and coolers for hunting. You might even need a little extra hydration when tailgating or entertaining in your backyard.


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