100 Day Guarantee

At GOAT, we know that our customers depend on our products day in and day out, especially when they’re needed the most.

That’s why we created our 100-Day Ready For Anything Guarantee. It’s our promise to you that each of our products were carefully designed, tested, and built—ready for anything.

We get it. Life happens. So if for any reason your GOAT purchase doesn’t stand up to the test, or live up to your expectations, within 100 days of your purchase we’ll buy it back from you... no questions asked.


The “Not So Fine” Print

As with any good thing, the Ready For Anything Guarantee comes with a few, simple ground rules:

  1. Give your products a try: Once your order is delivered, it’s time to get acquainted with everything that we’ve included. We can’t wait to hear what you think.
  2. Give us a shout: Whatever you’re seeing, be sure to let us know within 100 days of your delivery date. Just shoot us a quick email over at info@goatboxco.com including the 4-digit order number you received at checkout - we’ll take care of the rest!
  3. If something’s off, give us a chance to make it right: Just shoot us a quick email over at info@goatboxco.com or call us at 512.800.9714. Please include the order number you received at checkout. Our GOAT Customer Experience team is standing by to ensure that you get the most out of your products. We’re always happy to provide the tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along the way.
  4. Our Ready For Anything Guarantee only applies to the regular use of your purchase. For your convenience, we’ve also built out a complete warranty policy that you can read about right here: GOAT Warranty
  5. If any of these rules haven’t been followed, we do reserve the right to reject any request.

Pretty simple, right? At the end of the day, we’ll stand behind (or on top of) any product that we’ve built and we want you to feel just as confident with any GOAT purchase.