Our field-proven supply KITs are packed with premium gear from GOAT’s partner brands to ensure that you have the right gear for your hunt, the boat, or any other adventure. They are designed specifically to fit perfectly in a CAN—you can choose to add a CAN to any KIT on the product page.

The Best Gear, ready whenever you need it, For whatever pursuit you need it for.

We've curated gear from the industry's best brands and kitted them into bomber bags that fit in the GOAT HUB 50/70 and RACK so you can be sure that you have the best gear on hard for any situation.

Hunt Nutrition KIT

From $49.99

Don’t be the guy at hunt camp eating gummy candy and jerky at every meal. A successful hunt requires a ton of physical output and that requires usable calories, carbs, and prote...

Basic First Aid KIT

From $56.25

That cut / burn / splinter / missing finger isn’t going to just go away (well maybe the finger). It probably needs medical attention. And unless you’re camping / tailgating at t...

Advanced First Aid KIT

From $124.99

Sh*t happens. Emergencies out in the bush, on the water, or away from a cell tower aren’t just a question of “if” but “when”. And do you want to be the guy saying, “OH SH*T, OH ...

Favorite Flavors KIT

From $64.99

Looking to step up your tailgate game and impress the likes of Bobby & Guy? Then this is the KIT for you. Packed with everyone’s favorite BBQ flavors and a few surprises too...

Power Boost Plus KIT

From $114.99

Nothing beats escaping to the woods with your phone, BlueTooth speaker, portable cinema, Traeger, air compressor, and a bounce house. Kidding. Seriously, though, losing power su...

Hygiene KIT

From $64.99

Cleanliness is next to Godliness or something like that. The Hygiene KIT will make you feel like you just stepped out of a mountain spa instead of that truck stop bathroom. No s...

On The Go – Fire + Grill KIT

From $74.99

Coffee at sunrise, grilled trout at sunset… while we don’t glamp, we do love to enjoy a hot cup of joe or some deliciously seasoned fish that we caught that afternoon. The Dagg...

Power Boost Sport KIT

From $174.99

We created the Power Boost Sport KIT for the times when you need that extra boost to get back to the dock, stranded out in the back 40, or just needing the truck to turn over. P...

Field Dress KIT

From $74.99

Hey, congrats on filling that deer tag! Now that the obligatory selfies are finished, it’s time to harvest this animal. Having the right tools will ensure you’re packing out as ...

Sun, Bug + Med KIT


You’re at the beach or out on your boat, and you realize that you forgot your sunscreen, your bug spray… We’ve all been there, and nothing ruins an adventure like being unprepar...

Basic Hydration KIT

From $124.99

Staying hydrated is kind of a big deal (read the biggest deal). Don’t drink from the pond, stream, or puddle without filtering your water first. The hydration kit will keep you ...

Fish + Seafood Flavors KIT

From $34.99

We can’t think of anything better than a net, trap, or boat full of fresh seafood. What to do with it is a different story. Don’t fall prey to the old standby of lemon and butte...