The Ultimate Camping Cooler

Ice Chest + Camping Gear Dry Storage + Bear Proof Certified... all in one!

GOAT is the only cooler and storage system built with camping in mind. Whether you’re towing an off-road trailer outside Moab or posting up a few weeks before the season opener to glass for elk in the Rockies, you will have the best camping cooler companion by your side.

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This is hands-down the best cooler for camping. There is no other camping cooler on the market that has removable dry storage containers to hold things like camping gear, dry food, headlamps, first aid, hydration and fire starter kits. Instead of multiple trips to and from the car to carry a cooler, storage bins, gear boxes, and supplies. Level up from your one-dimensional camp cooler. You now have the ultimate camping system that combines all of those things.

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“We took our HUB 50 on a 3-day Colorado River trip (Ruby-Horsethief) over Labor Day weekend, and I was super impressed with it. The organization with the CANs was awesome - we used one for all utensils and cooking tools, one for headlamps and a water purifier, one for a few Nomadix towels, and one for a Sea-to-Summit collapsible sink, sponges and soap/detergent. This thing was a game changer. At the takeout a couple of guides noticed the GOAT and were obsessed with it. They LOVED it.”

Brad Marks
Charlotte, NC

The Top 5 Reasons To Take
GOAT Camping

There are so many reasons why our combination of HUBs, CANs, KITs and RACKs will enhance your camping experience. You can call this a camping cooler, camping box, or camping gear box. Whatever you call it, you will learn that there is no other product that compares when it comes to camping.


Built-in Camping Supplies

We have built specific KITs with supplies for campers. This camping cooler will have everything you need to bring.


Camping Gear Storage Containers

You can fill our storage CANs with any supplies that you want and keep them dry in the case of rain.


Certified Bear Proof Cooler

This Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) Certified cooler will protect your stuff from the bears (and protect the bears from your stuff).


Camping Organization

If you are a regular camper, you can order additional CANs and have all your camping supplies organized back in your garage by using one of our RACKs.


Make Other Campers Jealous

This camping cooler system has become a status symbol for campers. You will be the envy of all other campers when they see your GOAT.

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Camping Reviews

5 Stars

Jonathan Taylor

When you think "cooler" many name brands come to mind. Not to mention any names but compare it to brand X, let's call it "Leti". The Leti is a let down compared to the GOAT. One of the best things is that they partnered with legit brands to give you the quality things you would actually want to use should SHTF (*Stuff* Hits The Fan) and you need to use it. I repeat these are NOT the things you get from a cheap adventure box. This box does it all.
5 Stars

G from SLC

My HUB 70 has taken up permanent residence in my truck. Whether it's camping, hunting, biking, climbing or entertaining, I never leave home without it. The footprint is small enough to allow plenty of room for bikes, ladders for work, dog boxes and still have room to sleep in the back. The can system allows me to be fully equipped and seamlessly transition from one activity to another with ease. I'm a fan of ice blocks instead of loose ice so I don't have to haul it out to clean it as often, just swap frozen water bottles and keep rolling. The cooler is so well insulated, frozen blocks last for days without needing to change them. Loving my HUB 70!!
5 Stars

Jerry Galvan

We took the Hub 50 camping in 95 degree weather, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the cooling performance. Over the course of 3 days of a lot of use, we added 10 lbs of ice, and it would have made it without the refresh. Its capacity is also surprisingly good. The ingenious part of the Hub 50 is the storage system. I had no idea how handy it would be in the field. This camping trip was the first time that I wasn't constantly searching for headlamps, bottle openers, lighters, etc.

GO AT Life Stories

Years ago I was flown by helicopter to a remote spot on Vancouver Island and dropped off to camp by myself. I had to deal with difficult terrain, extreme weather and I was surrounded by dangerous wildlife. Surviving the elements there, isolated from all other human beings, was not easy. Luckily, I had with me my GOAT cooler and storage system. The group that dropped me off said I could bring one item and obviously I chose my GOAT. I never go camping without it.

I later found out there were others on Vancouver Island that were also dropped off to camp and survive. They all brought items to help them with hunting, fire and shelter. I outlasted all of them with only my GOAT keeping me company. They gave up before me because they did not have the ultimate camping companion like I did. I ended up winning $500,000 which I used to buy GOAT coolers and accessories for all of my friends and family.

Disclaimer: These GO AT life stories may or may not be true. This sounds a little too much like the plot to popular television show 'Alone'. However, we do not question that our hunting cooler and storage systems are an absolute game changer for any camping trip! So maybe it is true…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my HUB keep ice on a camping trip?

As long as you are not camping in Death Valley, CA we've found that the GOAT HUB will keep ice for around 8-10 days in optimal conditions.

What types of camping supplies come with the camping cooler system?

We have a ton of KITs that are perfect for camping depending on your needs. Some of our most popular KITs for camping and hiking include: Fire Starter KIT, Basic Shelter KIT, Basecamp Nutrition KIT, Advanced First Aid KIT, and plenty of other camp supply KITs.

What does it mean when a cooler is bear proof certified?

There are many parks across the country which do not allow coolers unless they are Certified Bear Proof coolers. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) actually tests coolers by throwing them into an area with real bears — the bears attack the coolers, and if the cooler survives it becomes Bear Proof Certified!