Large Game M.O.B. Pack KIT

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You’ve just taken down a buck, bull, or sasquatch. Now is the time to field skin that meat and get it in some game bags. The quicker you get it in the bag the better off your meat and hide will be in the long run. The Game Bag KIT is just that - a stuff sack, and Argali's premium ultralight and breathable game bags. Now get that meat back to camp and into your HUB so you can exaggerate about taking the Abominable Snowman at 70 yards on a bow. Partner brands included in this KIT: Argali

  This KIT Includes:
  • Argali 24"x40" quarter game bags (x4)
  • Argali 17"x29" spare meat parts bag
  • Argali Lightweight stuff sack

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