The Spare
The Spare
The Spare

The Spare

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You’ve got an extra set of keys, pair of sunglasses, back up beach house, emergency throwing stars so why not have a spare RACK? Enter the Spare RACK. Know what’s better than one RACK? Two. Two RACKs are far superior than one. Get a spare RACK. 

 This Bundle Includes:

  • The RACK
  • 8 Empty CANS 
  • The DRY SACK
  • The ROLL


    • Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 15 x 13.25

    • Rotomolded, heavy-duty Hardcase™ construction for superior durability

    •  Each rack holds eight canisters

    •  Modular design allows stacking of multiple Racks for increased gear storage

    •  Lockdown™ non-slip rubber feet

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