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If you’re like us then you’ve touched a hot stove, angered a hive of bees, or been kicked by a mule. You then proceeded to hop around cursing the heavens while searching for relief only to find superman bandaids or crusty antibacterial ointment. The Medic RACK bundle contains everything to turn that frown upside down. Partner brands included in this bundle: MyMedic, HydraPak, Katadyn, Steripen, Endurolytes, Sea to Summit, Epic

 This Bundle Includes: 

  • The RACK
  • Hygiene CAN
  • Advanced First Aid CAN
  • Advanced Hydration CAN
  • Sun, Bug + Med CAN


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    • Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 15 x 13.25

    • Rotomolded, heavy-duty Hardcase™ construction for superior durability

    •  Each rack holds eight canisters

    •  Modular design allows stacking of multiple Racks for increased gear storage

    •  Lockdown™ non-slip rubber feet


    This garage/mudroom/workshop organizer is the mission control for all your adventures. It holds eight of our bomber GOAT CANs in one centralized location, providing a gear storage solution for your essential gear kits.


    With eight dedicated CAN slots to help organize the gear already in your garage as well as any of our curated gear KITs, the rotomolded RACK acts as the base station for your life. Grab what you need at a moment's notice, and get after it.



    Rotomolded, heavy-duty Hardcase™ construction for superior durability and Lockdown™ non-slip rubber feet mean the the RACK will stand up to the abuse of your day-to-day life and out-there adventures.



    The RACK isn't only a base station at home—it's portable enough to be used as gear storage for your truck cab or bed, and with its non-slip feet is stable and secure for shifting loads.

    It makes your gear easy to find when the chips are down.
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