May 21, 2021

Flash floods are ravaging the South and Hurricane Season kicks off in two weeks… Are you ready?

Flooding like this is exactly why our founder, Jack Robbins, created the GOAT HUB system in the first place. After numerous events from Hurricane Katrina to Harvey, he wondered why we didn’t have something that would allow anyone to easily grab what they need in an emergency and be able to survive the harshest of disasters while protecting cherished items.

After years of development and testing, the result is GOAT’s gear and food storage system. A hard-sided version of a “Go-Bag,” the GOAT HUB 70 allows you to keep your food, meds, and water cold in our 60+ quart cooler that is capable of keeping items cold for days, if not weeks. To ensure that you also have the emergency gear that you need, the four corners of the HUB 70 have gear storage turrets where you are able to access our water-resistant CANs that store first-aid kits, flashlights, batteries, emergency radios, two-way radios, candles, and anything else you might need access to either while waiting out the storm at your house or for loading into your truck if necessity requires you to pack up and head out. As a last chance option, personal belongings like birth certificates, passports, and other items that can be damaged in the flood can be stored in the water-resistant and damn-near unbreakable CANs.

HUB 70

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Add in a GOAT RACK that organizes eight (8) GOAT CANs into a centralized location in your garage and always know where your gear is for any situation. CANs can be grabbed from the RACK and slotted into the HUB 70 when you need to go. These same CANs store your outdoor gear so that you are prepared for any hunt or fishing trip.

We hope that you’ll use your GOAT for good times on the boat and in the backyard, but we’ve built it so you can rely on it under the worst of circumstances. So, get the HUB 70 and fill the CANs with emergency essentials from your garage, or step up to our pre-curated HUB 70 GO BOX that already includes gear from industry-leading partners including our Basic First Aid CAN featuring My Medic, our Basic Hydration CAN featuring water storage from Hydraflask and filtration from Katadyn, our Hygiene CAN featuring essentials from Sea-To-Summit, and our General Nutrition CAN featuring dehydrated food from Readywise.

 Live Ready and know that you are ready for anything life throws at you!

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