The Most Advanced Cooler Ever Made!

HUB 50

Store your gear. Grab a beer.

Hub 50 Cooler Angle
Hub 50 Cooler Front
Hub 50 Cooler Top

A compact gear storage and
cooler system

Load & Go

Ready For Anything

Be ready to roll in seconds, and know that you have the right gear for every activity. Quickly drop the GOAT CANs full of your pre-organized goods into the four corner slots, toss in food and frosties, and off you go.

Truck Illustration

Activity Ready

The Ultimate Organization System

Organize and quickly access gear like first aid kits, tackle, ammo, field dress kits, batteries, headlamps, ropes, food, utensils (or a bottle of your favorite whiskey) into nearly unbreakable see-through GOAT CANs. Easily swap out your CANs in the HUB50 to ensure that you have the right gear for your hunt, the boat, or any other adventure.

Can Illustration

Compact Fit

Designed for Your Life

Our compact and lightweight (25lbs) design makes the HUB 50 easy to carry and ideal for fitting perfectly in a boat, ATV, truck bed, SUV trunk, hitch basket, beach, campfire, or wherever you need it most.

Quad Illustration

Ready for Anything

  • Deer Camp
  • Days on the Lake
  • Backyard Soirees
  • Camp Sites
  • At the Ski Lot
  • On the ATV / RTV
  • Tailgates
  • Sight Casting
  • Hitting the Trail
  • Drinks by the Pool
  • Overlanding
  • At the Construction Site
  • Emergency Use
  • Party Barges
  • Duck Blinds
  • On the Farm
  • (Insert Your Favorite…)
  • Practically Anywhere

Exclusive Pre Order Offers

For the HUB 50, we’ve built out three exclusive pricing tiers allowing you to lock in a really great price before the HUB 50 goes live on our site. Each pricing tier is different, and the best available price is calculated by how many systems we have left and when you decide to get in on the action. Each tier is limited to a specific number of systems available at that price and once that number has been met, we’ll adjust the price and move on to the next tier.

First 100 Sold


$399   $299

Next 150 Sold


$399   $319

Remaining Sold


$399   $339

Every HUB 50 system comes complete with:

  • (4) of our CANs - built tough and ready for anything, we’ve designed these so that you can store the items you need seamlessly in your HUB system.
  • Cargo Net (While Supplies Last) - Need a little extra room? We’ll throw in one of our cargo nets for good measure while supplies last.

Hub 50 Features



Freeze Frame™ insulation maximizes cold or heat retention at the highest level for keeping your frosties cold and ready for game day, or preventing them from turning into blocks of ice on a January duck hunt.


Four easy-grab gear Cans

The HUB's four corner turrets house integrated removable CANs that you can pack yourself or get pre-packed with necessities tailored for any activity - from the Whitetail Field Dress CAN to the Advanced First Aid CAN.


Detachable Quick-Stash Cargo Net

The front-facing cargo net is a go-to stash all for the gear you need at hand, from winter gloves to shop rags to a spare 5wt fly reel.

  • Dimensions at Base = 14.27" x 28.54"

  • Overall Dimensions = 17.29" x 30.86" x 17.49" (tall)

  • Top of inside 15.4”x 13.4”

  • Bottom of inside 14.3” x 10.2”

  • Inside 13.25” Deep

  • Weight = 25lbs

  • Capacity = 38 Quarts 40 Beers + Ice

Hub 50 Status

  • Prototype
  • QC / Durability Testing
  • In Production
  • Ready for Shipment