The HUB 70 System


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The GOAT HUB 70 isn’t your average rotomolded cooler. This all-in beast was designed to haul all your gear to any of life’s adventures whether in the woods, on the water, or at the tailgate.

  • Enhanced cooler wall depth keeps your refreshments extra cold and retains ice longer.
  • Our four corner turrets house integrated removable CANs (included) that you can pack yourself or get pre-packed with necessities tailored for specific activities.
  • The front-facing cargo net is a go-to stash all for the gear you need at hand.
  • And extended length marine-grade nylon rope handles with soft-touch grips make hauling a walk in the park.  
  • Heavy-duty, Rotomolded Construction with 1/4" Hardcase Walls for superior durability.
  • Commercial-Grade Freeze Frame Insulation for optimal thermal retention.
  • Four (4) integrated gear storage turrets that securely store interchangeable, water-resistant CANs.
  • Cascade Drainage System in bottom of each turret for water drainage and easy cleaning.
  • "X-Shaped" Design to enhance HUB 70 balance and stability as well as deliver improved thermal retention. 
  • Quickdraw Lid Latches securely attach cooler lid to base and ergonomically designed so that you can easily grab and open from nearly any angle. 
  • Downhaul Marine-Grade Nylon Handles with soft-touch coating, lengthened for ease of carry.
  • NeverLost Drain Plug with tether to secure to cooler with snap button. 
  • Airlock Commercial-Grade Freezer Gasket for maximum thermal retention. 
  • Detachable Quick-Stash Cargo Net keeps crucial items close at hand. 
  • Rear Snaps and D-Rings to attach additional Quick-Stash Cargo Net on back of HUB 70.
  • Multiple Bear (GOAT) Proof locking portals for ultimate security. 
  • Dual molded-in Side Slots for tie-down plus an additional Six (6) Lid Indentations to provide versatility to tie-down.
  • Lockdown Non-Slip Feet to reduce sliding in truck bed or on boat deck.