Hunting Coolers

This is like a cooler on steroids! A hunting cooler designed specifically for hunters.

Hunting is not a season, it’s a year-round pursuit. From turkeys to sheds, to time in the deer stand and in the duck blind, your passion for the pursuit never stops. What makes the ultimate hunting cooler?

✅ Premium Quality Ice Chest
✅ Detachable Dry Storage CANs
✅ Hunting & Camping Supplies… all in one convenient design!

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Every hunting pursuit requires preparation, organization, and specialized gear. GOAT is your modular organization system that can store and access the essential gear that you need for any of your hunts (including an industry-leading cooler to house your meat). A successful hunt hinges on every small detail. This is designed to make sure that you have everything you need in the field to maximize your chances. The best cooler for hunting will always be the system that was designed with hunting in mind.

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“A GOAT cooler isn’t your average cooler. If you live parts of your life off the grid, exploring, fishing, or hunting, then the overall GOAT system might be a game-changer for you. If you are an adventurer at heart, then the GOAT cooler might be the cooler and modular storage system you never knew you needed. It might be the perfect solution for your tailgating routine, for your next camping trip, or your next off-the-grid excursion.”

Brad Marks
Charlotte, NC


Rugged hunters need rugged gear. When you look for a cooler, can you accept anything but a cooler that is made in the USA, can survive a bear attack, and gives you storage to pack all of your hunting supplies? GOAT is becoming the go-to stop for true hunters.


Built in Hunting Supplies

We have built specific KITs with supplies for hunting. This hunting cooler can come loaded with any hunting supplies you need in dry storage CANs.


Certified Bear Proof Cooler

This Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) Certified cooler will protect your stuff from the bears and protect the bears from your stuff.


Colors Matter for Hunting

We have coolers in a wide range of colors. If you want to blend into the environment, we have GOAT colors like sand dune and green. If you want to stand out our desert orange cooler is like blaze orange.


Cooler Storage for the Meat

We have an industry leading cooler system to house your meat for long periods of time.


Make Other Hunters Jealous

Let’s be real. We know this is a status symbol in the world of hunting. Hunters know this is the luxury hunting brand that people know about.

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Hunting Reviews

5 Stars

Matthew Tezak

The Hub70 is a game changer in all things outdoor adventure. Be prepared better than ever and have all your tools, cooking supplies and hunting gear right in your cooler! This is what I’ve needed for years and now it’s here. Perfect ice longevity too! Coolest product for 2021! Thanks guys
5 Stars

Kenneth Green

Well built cooler, and I really like the hub containers. The cooler is great for being out at the hunting club all day. I'll order the hub rack and more containers for when I'm not hunting.
5 Stars

Kristen Jackson

Love this cooler and its multi-functionality. It makes pretty much every activity better and much more seamless. The canisters can be used for anything and are perfect for freeing up hands. Great design!!


The largest buck I ever landed was possible because I brought my GOAT cooler with me on a hunting trip. It was a long day of striking out. I was tired and about to call it a day, when I saw him. At first, I thought it was a moose because this deer was gigantic. I slowly raised my rifle, and I went to pull the trigger. I was out of ammunition! I could not let this guy get away. I looked down at my GOAT cooler because I usually have backup ammo in one of my storage cans. That can was empty too.

I did not panic and started looking for plan B. My GOAT cooler has four storage containers. One was empty from the ammo I used. Two of the other cans were full of art supplies from my kid and the other can have the foldable bow and arrow I got on a hunting trip in Australia. The problem is the bow and arrow only shoots about 30 feet. I quickly created a decoy deer with the art supplies to draw in the buck. Once that buck got within the 30-foot range, I used that little miniature bow and arrow to take him down. Perfect shot! If I just had some standard cooler that would have been the “buck that got away.”

Disclaimer: These GO AT life stories may or may not be true. Shooting down a huge buck with some toy bow and arrow kit sounds impossible. However, we have heard so many stories about how our CANs filled with supplies come in handy when the unexpected happens. Our KITs are perfect for enhancing the experience when the expected happens too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of hunting supplies come with the camping cooler system?

We have a ton of KITs that are perfect for hunting depending on your needs some of our most popular KITs for hunting include: Wild Game Hunt Flavors KITHygiene KIT, Advanced First Aid KIT, Hunt Nutrition KIT, Bison Snack KIT, Backcountry Field KIT, and more Hunting Supplies.

Is Sasquatch Real?

We have no physical evidence that Sasquatch is real. However, we have had many orders from someone with the name “Sam Quatch” who left us a testimonial saying they love our GOAT products because our coolers allow them to go into the woods and hide from people for long periods of time. The actual quote was “Cooler Great. Make Hiding Easy.”