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The ultimate fishing cooler is a cooler for fish + tackle box + fishing gear… ALL IN ONE

From Gulf Coast salt flats to Minnesota lakes to Western rivers; and from spin tackle to fly rods, we at GOAT love—and live—all things fishing. Our fish cooler will store everything you catch that day. The dry storage CANs can hold fishing gear and act as a tackle box. GOAT is the ultimate fishing companion.

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We spoke to a ton of fishing enthusiasts and asked them what they wanted in the perfect fishing cooler. We listened to them and built the perfect fishing cooler solution. Level up from your one-dimensional rotomolded boat cooler/casting platform and use your new GOAT HUB and CANs to store everything from cutlery to reels to spare jackets and tackle—and keep it all in easy reach at any time.

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“A GOAT cooler isn’t your average cooler. If you live parts of your life off the grid, exploring, fishing, or hunting, then the overall GOAT system might be a game-changer for you. If you are an adventurer at heart, then the GOAT cooler might be the cooler and modular storage system you never knew you needed. It might be the perfect solution for your tailgating routine, for your next camping trip, or your next off-the-grid excursion.”

Brad Marks
Charlotte, NC


The fishing world already knows about GOAT, but if you don’t, we welcome you to learn about how this is the ultimate cooler to take on your next fishing trip.


Built in Fishing Supplies

We have assembled tailor-made KITs stocked with fishing essentials. This fishing cooler is equipped with all the necessary fishing gear you require.


Dry Storage

Instead of buying separate dry storage canisters we have them built into our cooler. People put their phones, keys, sunglasses, and anything else they want to protect from damage and water.


Tackle Box

Our true fishing crowd actually uses our GOAT as a tackle box too. They leave the tackle box at home and just load up our CANs with lures and bait.


Cooler Storage for Fish

Our cooler system sets the industry standard for preserving your fish over extended periods of time. Just worry about catching the fish. We will store it and keep it fresh.


Permanent Fish Cooler Box

Our biggest fishing fans leave our GOAT on their boat all the time. It becomes a permanent part of the boat and fishing supplies.

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5 Stars

Buck Rodgers

My buddy and I were fishing on Blue Ridge Lake in Georgia this past spring. An unexpected pop-up storm hit us pretty quickly. We dropped our phones into one of the cans and hoped for the best. When we got the boat loaded back on the trailer, we were pleasantly surprised that, even though we were soaked through, our phones were completely dry inside the can. Not only a storage solution, but an excellent product that kept our phones alive.
5 Stars

Jeremy Baldridge

The GOAT HUB 50 is an amazing cooler that frankly sets the benchmark for keeping food and beverages cold over a hot Alaska weekend. It does a great job of preserving fileted salmon caught from the local Alaska rivers and I can trust the cooler to stay out for additional hours to continue fishing or to pursue other adventures beyond what previous coolers could offer. The removable compartments work great to keep contents dry and really make a quick getaway easy by pre-packing containers with the necessary goodies to support my fishing, outdoor recreation, or remote work requirements.
5 Stars

Matt Tezak

The HUB 70 is legit. Having the cans filled with gear is an essential part of staying organized when overlanding, hunting, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors. Perfect setup to have everything in one place for your trips, sweet tailgating gear! Best cooler system on the market today and highly recommend getting one. You guys nailed it!


I really believe that the best day I ever had fishing was the day I went out with my GOAT. There are a lot of superstitions in the world of fishing. After this first trip, I will never go fishing without my GOAT again. I was excited to get out on the water for the first time with my GOAT. I loved having a system that was a cooler and tackle box connected into one system. It is so perfect for fishing!

The day started slowly. Then it was one fish after the other. Every time I cast out it seemed like I got a bite. It got so crazy that I opened my GOAT cooler and then I didn’t even need to cast out. Fish were jumping into my boat into the GOAT. I learned the true secret to fishing is GOATS and BOATS.

Disclaimer: These GO AT life stories may or may not be true. This one seems about right. If we were a fish we would jump in a GOAT too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my HUB keep ice on a fishing trip?

As long as you're not fishing in the sweltering heat of the Florida Everglades during summer, we've found that the GOAT HUB will keep your catch fresh and your drinks cold for around 8-10 days under optimal conditions. This makes it perfect for those extended fishing adventures where you want to keep your bait and your refreshments chilled throughout the trip.

What types of fishing supplies come with our cooler system?

We have a ton of KITs that are perfect for fishing depending on your needs some of our most popular KITs for fishing include: Basic First Aid KITHygiene KIT, Sun, Bug + Med KIT, Favorite Flavors KIT, Fish + Seafood Flavors KIT, Fire Starter KIT, and more Fishing Supplies.