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Tagging out in the backcountry is the ultimate goal of any hunter, but the real work happens in hauling out your harvest. The Pack Out bundle is to be your hunting assistant: everything you need to field dress your kill, paracord and game bags for hanging and transporting meat, and nutrition to keep you fueled on those breaks between multiple long and heavy hikes back into camp. The HUB will keep your cans cold for the celebratory frosty after your hunt and seasonings to roast your backstraps and enjoy the provisions of your hunt well done. Cheers! Partner brands included in this bundle: Argali, Atwood Rope, First Lite Fusion, ReadyWise, Sea to Summit, Dizzy Pig

 This Bundle Includes:

  • The HUB 
  • Back Country Kill CAN
  • Game Bags CAN
  • WIld Game Flavors CAN
  • Hunt Nutrition CAN

Backcountry Kill KIT

Taking down an elk isn’t the same as taking a deer. For one you likely weren’t sitting in a tree on a buddy’s farm when you took the shot and two, even a small bull is still 3 t...

Game Bags KIT

You’ve just taken down a buck, bull, or sasquatch. Now is the time to field skin that meat and get it in some game bags. The quicker you get it in the bag the better off your meat and hide will be in the long run. The Game Bag KIT is just that - a stuff sack, an...

Wild Game (Hunt) Flavors KIT

If there was one place we could eat day after day it would be at hunt camp. Always the tastiest most filling food on the planet and most of it was harvested that day. Licking our lips thinking about a venison backstrap or some fresh duck breasts. Want to impress...

Hunt Nutrition KIT

Don’t be the guy at hunt camp eating gummy candy and jerky at every meal. A successful hunt requires a ton of physical output and that requires usable calories, carbs, and protein. Even long sits in a tree...

The HUB 50 Base

This HUB 50 base cooler system does not include CANs for those of you who already have a RACK or other components of the GOAT modular storage system. It's just ...

The Hub 70 Base

The GOAT HUB 70 isn’t your average broto-molded cooler. This all-in beast was designed to haul all your gear to any of life’s adventures whether in the woods, on the water, or at the tailgate. Enhanced cooler wall depth keeps your refreshments extra cold and ret...


The Cargo Net is a second net add-on for any HUB 50 or 70. This is a surefire way to add some outside storage space to your HUB. This envelope style, front-or-rear facing net comes st...

Dimensions at Base: 14.27" x 28.54"

Overall Dimensions : 17.29" x 30.86" x 17.49" (tall)

Top of inside : 15.4”x 13.4”

Inside: 13.25” Deep

Weight:  25lbs

Capacity: 38 Quarts 40 Beers + Ice

Interior (L×W×D)

23.6 x 12.15 x 13.01 in

59.9 x 30.9 x 36.3 cm

Exterior (L×W×D)

36.83 x 23.14 x 17.89 in

93.5 x 58.8 x 45.4 cm

62.29QT (58.95 liters)
Internal Volume
2.08 ft³ (0.059 m³)
Insulation Thickness
2.0" (5.08 cm)
42.2 lbs (19.8 kg)
The Cooler Redefined

The GOAT HUB 70 changes the high-performance cooler game. It’s the modular food and gear storage system for all your outdoor experiences: the base camp for your life. The HUB blends functional, intuitive gear storage features with heavy-duty rotomolded construction. Built for storing and organizing your outdoor gear at base camp — not to mention keeping food and brews frosty.


From the workshop to the ranch, the HUB 70 is built to take whatever you can dish out. Its heavy-duty rotomolded construction and proprietary X-Shape Design are rock solid in any situation.


Whether you set up the HUB 70 at climbing basecamp or your backyard barbecue, its modular storage versatility is unrivaled. Interchangeable, clear-view CANs store anything you'd like to grab at a moment's notice, while the front-facing cargo net is a go-to stash for common items like lightweight jackets or headlamps.



Freeze Frame™ insulation maximizes cold or heat retention at the highest level for keeping your frosties cold and ready for game day, or preventing them from turning into blocks of ice on a January duck hunt.


Four easy-grab gear Cans

The HUB's four corner turrets house integrated removable CANs that you can pack yourself or get pre-packed with necessities tailored for any activity - from the Whitetail Field Dress CAN to the Advanced First Aid CAN.


Detachable Quick-Stash Cargo Net

The front-facing cargo net is a go-to stash all for the gear you need at hand, from winter gloves to shop rags to a spare 5wt fly reel.



When designing the GOAT cooler system, we set out to create more functional storage in a high performance cooler without grossly increasing its footprint or weight. The proprietary X-Shape Design of The HUB 70 is the result of our efforts.

The design is incredibly strong and stable—ready for any punishment you can dish out. The CAN turrets provide even more insulation for the interior cooler portion, and the ergonomic shape allows for an easier carry. We further refined space efficiency by adding the cargo net which spans between the corners, increasing the system storage capacity while keeping that storage within the overall footprint.


Extended length marine-grade nylon rope handles with soft-touch grips make hauling a walk in the park.


From tie-down kits to cooler dividers and baskets, customize your system to suit your needs.


GOAT products are solidly constructed and proud to be built right here in the good ole’ US of A.



We partnered with premium brands to develop hand-picked bundles for the HUB 70, RACK, or CAN that are ready for anything—from backcountry stalks to hard days on the ranch to backyard barbecues. Below are just a few on offer.

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