The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp
The Basecamp

The Basecamp

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Having all the right gear in one centralized place isn’t OCD; it’s smart. The Basecamp bundle is our take on that idea. Our most popular kits paired with a fully-featured HUB 70, RACK, and your essential gear for the outdoors, or an emergency. This one is ready for your basecamp, whether at your local peak or Everest. Partner brands included in this bundle: ReadyWise, Sea to Summit, HydraPak, Katadyn, NOCO, My Medic, UCO, Instafire, Solo Stove

 This Bundle Includes:

  • The HUB
  • The RACK
  • The DRY SACK
  • Fire Starter CAN 
  • Basic First Aid CAN 
  • Basic Hydration CAN


  • Power Boost Plus CAN
  • Hygiene CAN
  • Basic Shelter CAN
  • Basecamp Nutrition CAN
  • 1 Empty CAN
  • Tie Down Kit

Basecamp Nutrition CAN

Basic Shelter CAN




Interior (L×W×D)

23.6 x 12.15 x 13.01 in

59.9 x 30.9 x 36.3 cm

Exterior (L×W×D)

36.83 x 23.14 x 17.89 in

93.5 x 58.8 x 45.4 cm

62.29QT (58.95 liters)
Internal Volume
2.08 ft³ (0.059 m³)
Insulation Thickness
2.0" (5.08 cm)
42.2 lbs (19.8 kg)
  • Heavy-duty, Rotomolded Construction with 1/4" Hardcase Walls for superior durability.
  • Commercial-Grade Freeze Frame Insulation for optimal thermal retention.
  • Four (4) integrated gear storage turrets that securely store interchangeable, water-resistant CANs.
  • Cascade Drainage System in bottom of each turret for water drainage and easy cleaning.
  • "X-Shaped" Design to enhance HUB 70 balance and stability as well as deliver improved thermal retention. 
  • Quickdraw Lid Latches securely attach cooler lid to base and ergonomically designed so that you can easily grab and open from nearly any angle. 
  • Downhaul Marine-Grade Nylon Handles with soft-touch coating, lengthened for ease of carry.
  • NeverLost Drain Plug with tether to secure to cooler with snap button. 
  • Airlock Commercial-Grade Freezer Gasket for maximum thermal retention. 
  • Detachable Quick-Stash Cargo Net keeps crucial items close at hand. 
  • Rear Snaps and D-Rings to attach additional Quick-Stash Cargo Net on back of HUB 70.
  • Multiple Bear (GOAT) Proof locking portals for ultimate security. 
  • Dual molded-in Side Slots for tie-down plus an additional Six (6) Lid Indentations to provide versatility to tie-down.
  • Lockdown Non-Slip Feet to reduce sliding in truck bed or on boat deck.

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