Hunt Nutrition KIT

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Don’t be the guy at hunt camp eating gummy candy and jerky at every meal. A successful hunt requires a ton of physical output and that requires usable calories, carbs, and protein. Even long sits in a tree stand can drain you and potentially compromise the shot. This is the KIT to give you that necessary edge food-wise, so when the moment of truth strikes you don’t miss. Partner brands included in this KIT: Readywise, Sea to Summit

 This KIT Includes:

  • The DRY SACK
  • Golden Fields Mac N Cheese - 2.5 servings
  • Trailhead Noodles and Beef - 2.5 servings

  • Early Dawn Breakfast Skillet - 2.5 servings
  • Trail Treats Cookie Dough Bites - 2 servings
  • Sea to Summit Alpha Light Long Spork


You can tell from the name this KIT is a must add if you are building the best cooler for hunting or camping.


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