Hunt Nutrition KIT

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Don’t be the guy at hunt camp eating gummy candy and jerky at every meal. A successful hunt requires a ton of physical output and that requires usable calories, carbs, and protein. Even long sits in a tree stand can drain you and potentially compromise the shot. This is the KIT to give you that necessary edge food-wise, so when the moment of truth strikes you don’t miss. Partner brands included in this KIT: Readywise, Sea to Summit

 This KIT Includes:

  • The DRY SACK
  • Golden Fields Mac N Cheese - 2.5 servings
  • Trailhead Noodles and Beef - 2.5 servings

  • Early Dawn Breakfast Skillet - 2.5 servings
  • Trail Treats Cookie Dough Bites - 2 servings
  • Sea to Summit Alpha Light Long Spork


The Best Gear, ready whenever you need it, For whatever pursuit you need it for.

We've curated gear from the industry's best brands and kitted them into bomber bags that fit in the GOAT HUB 50/70 and RACK so you can be sure that you have the best gear on hard for any situation.

Activity Ready

FPO (included) that you can pack yourself or get pre-packed with necessities tailored for specific activities. The front- facing cargo net is a go-to stash all for the gear you need at hand. And extended length marine-grade nylon rope ha


curated gear from the industry's best brands

Why make gear that is outside of our primary expertise; gear that is sub-par to what is already on the market? Instead, our GOAT KITs partner with industry-leading manufacturers that already make the best gear. My Medic, Katadyn, Sea-To-Summit... You can trust that we have partnered with partners that already make the best products to curate kits that will always deliver. And, best of all, these kits are interchangeable so you have the needed gear to fish one day, hunt the next, camp the following weekend, and tailgate with friends to close the month - all just by interchanging CANS filled with the pre-selected Kits that we have curated so you can have the best.


Organized in premium bags

All Goat KITs come in premium bags - Roll, Dry Sack, First Aid Bag - that keep your gear organized, protected, dry and able to be easily carried and accessed anywhere.


Design it to fit goat cans

All curated GOAT KITs are curated to fit in bags that subsequently fit into our GOAT CANs so that they are stored in the HUB 50/70 or RACK, ready when you need them, and interchangeable so you have the right gear on hand for whatever activity you choose.

Should we mention something about protection from the elements?


Bundled to save your money

KIT prices are bundled to provide a cost savings compared to buying items independently - you get the industries best gear for a better price.
*See KIT price for actual savings.