On The Go – Fire + Grill KIT

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Coffee at sunrise, grilled trout at sunset… while we don’t glamp, we do love to enjoy a hot cup of joe or some deliciously seasoned fish that we caught that afternoon. The Daggerfish FlyGrill is a lightweight grill that can be used for all your on-the-go grilling needs. Instafire, UCO waterproof matches, and Solo Stove’s windscreen ensure a fire in any weather. And, a variety of Dizzy Pig seasonings can be used to deliver savory backstraps or fresh caught trout. All Kit items are organized in a waxed canvas bag that can be tossed in a daypack or accessed from the HUB 50 or 70 while at basecamp.  

This KIT Includes

  • UCO Stormproof Match Kit
  • Instafire Fire Starter Pouch (x2)
  • Solo Stove Aluminum Windscreen
  • Daggerfish Titanium FlyGrill
  • Dizzy Pig Favorite Flavors Sampler Pack - Dizzy Dust, Raging River, Cow Lick, Tsunami Spin, and Pineapple Head