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The HUB 50 cooler system is just as tough as its bigger sibling, the 70—it just fits into daily life a whole lot easier. The trim and sleek design accepts (and includes) four removable gear storage CANs at all corners, same as the HUB 70. Quickly drop the GOAT CANs full of your pre-organized goods into the four corner slots, toss in food and frosties, and off you go. The compact and lightweight (25lbs) design makes the HUB 50 easy to carry and ideal for fitting perfectly in a boat, UTV, truck bed, SUV trunk, hitch basket, beach, campfire, or wherever you need it most. Whether you’re a weekend warrior headed to the crag or setting up a family day at the beach, the HUB 50 is the perfect fit for your life. 

  • Enhanced cooler wall depth keeps your refreshments extra cold and retains ice longer.
  • Our four corner turrets house integrated removable CANs (included) that you can pack yourself or get pre-packed with necessities tailored for specific activities.
  • The front-facing cargo net is a go-to stash all for the gear you need at hand.
  • And extended length marine-grade nylon rope handles with soft-touch grips make hauling a walk in the park. 

Whether you're in the garage or deep in the mountains, GOAT CANs are there when you need them. No more wasting time finding misplaced headlamps, ropes, utensils, or forgotten first aid kits. Simply drop the CANs you need into the GOAT HUB turrets, or use separately, and you're ready to go in seconds.



Whether you're packing for a backcountry trip or returning home, GOAT CANs are designed to make it ultra-easy to find the appropriate gear and quickly put it away, saving you valuable time and headaches. Interchangeable labeled handles and clear housing make finding exactly what you need a foregone conclusion. Integrate it into the GOAT RACK and you'll have a flawless organizational system that you'll wish you'd had years ago.



Built from the same polycarbonate that NASA uses, these damn near indestructible CANs integrate securely into GOAT’s HUB 70 and RACK. The water-resistant gasket keeps out water, dust and the elements, while the Underpin™ Reinforced hinge can be easily disassembled for dishwasher cleaning. The CAN, and all GOAT system components, are Made Right in the USA.



Not too big. Not too small. We spent loads of time test-fitting everything from climbing racks to shotgun shells to camp meals to find the ideal size and shape for the CAN. Not to mention, a bottle of your favorite bourbon fits neatly inside.



Our CANs are available fully loaded with kits of gear from our best-in-class partners or empty ready to be filled with whatever you can dream of. From first aid to backcountry hunting kits, we've got you covered. In a pinch, they make for a great beer stein.



Designed in partnership with Sea to Summit, this 15D ultralight and durable rollable dry sack keeps your gear dry and organized in your CAN.


With 12 tool pockets of various sizes, The ROLL can store whatever you want to have on hand, whether that be BBQ/Kitchen tools for the campsite or ratchets for the ranch.


All GOAT products are guaranteed ready for any adventure. If you don't love it within 100 days, we'll buy it back.

It makes your gear easy to find when the chips are down.
Field & Stream


We partnered with premium brands to develop hand-picked bundles for the HUB 70, RACK, or CAN that are ready for anything—from backcountry stalks to hard days on the ranch to backyard barbecues. Below are just a few on offer.

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