The GOAT For Your G.O.A.T. (HUB 50)
The GOAT For Your G.O.A.T. (HUB 50)
The GOAT For Your G.O.A.T. (HUB 50)

The GOAT For Your G.O.A.T. (HUB 50)

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NOTE:  The HUB 50 is a pre-order product and will not arrive by Father's Day.  Estimated arrival date is end of June 2021.


Our HUB 50 is specially designed for the DIY Dad that is always on the go.  The HUB 50 will fit on your boat, in the back of your truck/SUV/car trunk, ATV/RTV, or on your back patio, and is light enough to move from location to location so that Dad can have access to his gear nearly anywhere he needs it.  It is customizable for any adventure with the ability to interchange gear in our durable, water-resistant CANs that can be filled with necessary gear for any activity.  The GOAT For Your G.O.A.T. System comes with two curated kits that can be slotted into our CANs - the Basic First Aid Kit (My Medic) and our Favorite Flavors Kit (Dizzy Pig + Others).


Perfect for the weekend warrior, we've got you covered this Father's Day (along with every other day of the year) with this specially curated bundle for the Dad who has it all. A tie, maybe some new socks? C'mon - you can do better than that. He's been the G.O.A.T. for years and now it's time for him to own one for himself.


Partner brands included in this bundle: MyMedic, Dizzy Pig, Twang, Tabasco, Cholula, Pendery

This Bundle Includes:

  • The HUB 50
  • Basic First Aid Kit (with CAN)
  • Favorite Flavors Kit (with CAN)
  • Two (2) Empty CANs